"Would you let a 5 year old teach you driving?
Or a poor man teach you how to invest?
Then why would you let anyone other than a Full Time Punter
HOW to Win On Betfair?"





From The Desk Of: Steve Davidson
Location: Mandurah WA, Australia

Hi, Fellow Racing Fan!

What if I told you that, within just a few minutes you could start turning your Betfair account into a virtual ATM machine?! Does that sound crazy? But it's true!

Does this sound familiar?
Every week -- or, maybe even every couple of days -- you transfer some money into your Betfair account, then study the forms, and place bets, hoping you'll win. Once in a while, you do. But, without exception, it starts out with you putting money into your Betfair account and, most times, ending

empty pockets
with your pockets empty.

Does This Make You Crazy?

Stop The Insanity!

Why put yourself through this?
Especially when there's no need. Instead, how would you like it if, within the next 24-hours, you could go from constantly feeding your Betfair account to having it feed you!?

Important Note

Before I even begin to tell you about this fantastic system, I must remind you that in order for it to work, you must have access to a Betfair account (www.betfair.com). Betfair  works in the most countries but not the USA. Sorry, US visitors, but this lets you out.

Also, you must be willing to learn and follow the strategy and stick with it. Plus, if you are desperate for money and see betting as a solution, I must tell you that is very unwise, in any regards. Don't misunderstand: Betfair ATM works! You only have to see the results, below, to know that.

But, when you are desparate, it is almost impossible to keep a cool head. And that is very important in order to succeed. So, get your affairs worked out and when you have some money you can afford to lose, be sure and look us up again.

With all that out of the way, there's only one question left:

To answer that question just ask yourself this

If you answered, "yes," to all of these questions, then Betfair ATM is for you.

The only reason for all of these "pre-qualifying questions" is that this strategy works-- so well and so reliably that the only reason anyone could fail is if they answered "no," to any of those questions. Remember

Winning Results = Profits!

And here are my own, actual results while using the Betfair ATM strategy over an 57-day period. First, here is the re-cap:

Betting with a small bank ($400.00) , I made a
over 57 days

Bank is NOW at $3,

That is an increase of
711.00% in 57 Days of Betting

(With 4 losing days totalling -$24.53)

I did this

Using This eBook


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Here is April's result so far.

As you can see $30.46 an hour is not BAD!

What are they saying?

Here is an Independant review from Cashmaster.



How would you like to
Live On Your Racing Investments?

STOP Dreaming &

Start Living The Dream Today!




4 losing days only!

To show you what I mean, here are the actual screen shots with my results. After all, results are what matter most when it comes to any strategy, right?

These are direct screen shots of my Betfair account, showing typical, day-to-day results that I've gotten using this strategy:

25th May Video Screen Shot (no audio)
$137 profit again!

23rd May 2010 Video Screen Shot
$133.00 profit in under 1 hour 15 minutes!

From 20th April 2010

Profit USD $83.98 just under 3 and half hours  betting.

To show this is not an altered statement please check this quick video proof.


"See for yourself real results 50sec video."

From 19th April 2010

Profit USD 181.33 just over 2 and half hours  betting.

To show this is not an altered statement please check this quick video proof.

"See for yourself real results 32sec video."

From 18th April 2010

Profit USD 123.29 just 3 hour  betting.

"See for yourself real results 40sec video."


From 17th April 2010

Profit USD 51.48 just under 4 hour  betting

From 15th April 2010

Profit USD 124.41 just over 3 hour  betting

From 14th April 2010

Profit USD 106.35 just over 4 hours betting

From 13th April 2010

Profit USD 45.24 just over 2 hour and 40 minutes betting

From 12th April 2010

Profit USD 12.00 just over 30 minutes betting

From 10th April 2010

Profit USD 58.90 just over 2 hour betting

From 9th April 2010

Profit USD 51.85 just over 4 hour betting

From 8th April 2010

Profit USD 74.81 just over 3 hour betting

From 5th April 2010

Profit USD 146.00 just over 1 hour betting

From 4th April 2010

Profit USD 89.94 just under 2 hours betting

From 3rd April 2010

Profit USD 38.54 just under 4 hours betting

More Results are here Click to See
(new window will open)

True, these are not "thousands of dollars a day" profits. That's because they are real results, from following the Betfair ATM strategy. The main thing is, it works, consistently, time and time again. At worst, you will only lose a few dollars. And many times, you'll earn $50-100 USD-- daily! Just for placing a few bets!

Seen Enough?
Want To Get Started Right Away?

Grab Your Copy Here!

Betfair ATM FAQs

How Does Betfair ATM Work?
This method is based on waiting until the odds are truly stacked in your favour. Only then do you make the bet. So far, it has returned an 82% strike rate-- and this is not laying bets! These are bets backing the horses!

Is it difficult to learn?
No. However, you do need to work to get the profits. But you are doing this work from the comfort of home, no battling the elements or traffic, or nasty people. All this is done at home, on your computer.

Can I do this full-time?
Yes you can run this just like a business. It can be your business!

Does it take a lot of money to get started
No. You can start with a small bank and work your way up to a bank that will give you a £100 or £200 a day, on most days.

Is it hard to use?
In the beginning, as you learn the system, you may find it a little difficult. But it is like anything: The more you do it, the easier it becomes. It will soon become second nature and you will be just as adept as any we are at it.

Do I have to do it full-time?
If you truly want to make life a little or a lot easier, then using Betfair ATM full-time is your ticket. But you don't have to do it full-time. You can use it in your spare time, or you can use it all day, every day. It's entirely up to you.

Does it work with all wagering?
No. We only use it on UK Racing, and we only use it with Betfair. So that is all you need to operate this strategy.

I want to think about it... Will this be around for a while?
Like all good things, this is a limited release. Here's why: If the strategy becomes too well known, then it could affect the entire system and, as a result, our earnings. And, while we're generous, we are not prepared to be that generous!

How Long Will It Be Available?
We are only prepared to make 100 copies available. After they are sold, that's it.

Do you really make that much money with Betfair ATM?
Yes. Now don't forget to breathe. This is an exciting way to earn more money on the horses.

Is it for all kinds of betting?
No. It is only for UK horse racing. No Dogs Allowed.


Making Decisions

Remember this: Most people are where they are in life as a result of the decisions they made. This decision, right now, could well be the one decision that changes your life for the better. The extra cash will give you extra freedom and, if you keep at it, could change your life forever. As I always say

For Things To Change, First You Must Change

Of course, you can do nothing. You can pass this by. And, because of that, the results you get will be the same, too. Or, you can take the plunge, join us and grab Betfair ATM today.

Once you have learned the method firmly, and even starting with a small bank, you can get going and start living on Betfair. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot get the 82% strike rate, just like we do.

So, bite the bullet, take the bit in your teeth and click that buy now button. Then, download and read the manual. Next, follow it for a few days, on paper, just for practise. Once you're familiar with it, log in to your Betfair account and get started.

That's all there is to it!

A Final Wrap Up

Here is what is covered in Betfair ATM:

How to earn a consistant income every week with low risk, and excellent returns.
What to do, step-by-step, from the very first day.
How to set up seed money (your initial investment), and how to manage it from day one.
You never have to dip into any other funds to earn this income.
When to bet -- and when to stay home.
How to find the "best bets," consistently, in each race.
How to treat betting as a business. This Is Not Entertainment! It's a Business! One that will give you vast profits from the first day!
The work involved (yes, there is some of that), and how to manage it.
How, if you follow all the instructions and set this up as it is explained, you will make money.
As I said before, this is not entertainment, it is a business. But it is much better than any JOB and higher paying, too. Oh yes, and did I mention (in some countries), TAX FREE!


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