....we tested Betfair atm.. for last 8- 10 days and it is still working... best method to make money on daily basis...

since it's release in November 2009.. it continues to make profit.

Lets Look at that 10 days...

$192.25 profit (robbed by a $100 typo mistake could have been nearly $300 Profit.. )



28th August 2010 Saturday.
8 bets, 3 lost, profit $30.45 for the day. Just over 4 hours. Small stakes.


No Bet 29th Sunday Rest day.

30th August, 4 bets all winners, $25.53 profit just over 1 hour.

31st August, 2010 5 bets all won. $46.26 over 4 hours,
but you can see we have 3 hours off inbetween day and night races.

Did not bet 1st September. That is the good thing you bet when you have time.

2nd September, 12 bets, two lost. $61.08 Profit, in under 4 hours.

3rd September we STUFFED up, typo cost us $100 losing bet, otherwise it would have been
$14.48 profit. And our 10 day total would have been $85.52 better!!

4th September, 2010, 15 bets, 3 losing ones. $54.32 Profit under 4 hours.

5th September, under 2 hours, 8 bets, 2 loses $56.05 profit.

If you can spare an hour or more whenever racing is on, and you have a Betfair account, then you can use this.


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In Summary:

Of the 10 days betting shown above.

92 bets

69 winning bets.

Strike Rate 75%

We are NOT LAYING....

You can start with a bank of £100.00 or $100.00 to get results like those above!

Video's and testimonals, plus results all here...

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Steve Davidson

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